Manage and market Android N Preview to developers

Sony was lucky enough to get access to an early version of Android N, so that developers could test their apps and discuss new features.

I managed this project for Sony with a counterpart at Google. I had to be very careful about what content we published and how we marketed this to Android developers around the world. It was very successful and Google started to allow other OEM’s access to developer versions of Android.


I created wireframes and content which was reviewed and approved by Google. The pages were published on Sony Mobile’s domain, which no longer exists.


The videos we created for this no longer exist, however here is a video from a developer who helped other developers to install, test their apps and explore new features.


Together with our developer relations team and Google, we created content to let developers know they could test an early version of Android N on Sony devices.

The Team

There was a global team that consisted of:

1 x Product Owner (Google UK)

1 x Project Manager (Sony UK/me)

1 x Stakeholder (Google UK)

1 x Sponsor (Sony Sweden)

1 x Web Developer (UK/me)

2 x Senior Developers (Japan)

1 x UX/UI Designer (Sony UK)

1 x Copywriter (UK/me)