Develop and market a B2B portal – Sony

Sony wanted to build up a presence and B2B sales channel for their Xperia devices. I was brought in to lead a project to develop a B2B portal where we could market mobile-device management capabilities, business features, partners and how to deploy Sony’s mobile devices throughout your business.

Together with a new sales team, we increased B2B sales by over 2000% in 2 years and won the Sony Presidents Award in 2015 for the best cross-functional team with the most sales growth in the mobile business. I continued to own the web portal and some marketing for the next 3 years. In 2019 Sony’s mobile business merged with Sony Electronics and the B2B portal was replaced on the Sony Electronics website.


I created wireframes and worked with an agency to develop designs which I built in WordPress. The site was translated into 30+ languages and had 1 million+ monthly visitors.


I wrote a script and worked with a video agency to create this video. It originally had over 200,000 views. It got moved when Sony Mobile merged with Sony Electronics.


We worked with Sony’s Marketing, Sales and Partner development teams to bring this to life and achieve success. Winning the Sony Presidents award was recognition for that.

The Team

The global team consisted of:

1 x Product Owners (UK)

1 x Project Manager (UK/me)

1 x Sponsor (Japan)

1 x Sponsor (Sweden)

1 x SDK developer (Sweden)

1 x Partner Manager (Sweden)

1 x Sales Channel Director

 3 x Sales Managers

3 x Web Developers (Sweden)

1 x UX/UI design agency (UK)

1 x Technical Copywriter (UK/me)

1 x Videographer (Sweden)

10+ x Senior Stakeholders (global)

10 x Enterprise Software Developers