Launch and market Audio Control API – Sony

Sony needed to release their first public audio API to compete in the smart home market with their Home Audio products. It allowed the control of a selection of their products – receivers, soundbars and speakers. The API also needed to be integrated with smart hub IoT products.

I managed this project over 6 months with a focus on marketing the API to developers working with smart hubs, and with partners in mind like Samsungs’ SmartThings. Together with Sony developers in Sweden and Tokyo and a Product Owner in Tokyo I was able to manage the release of the API on-time.

The project included the packaging of code, legal reviews, marketing campaigns, creating a marketing video, tutorials and a website. The API was successfully launched at the end of 2017, with leading partnerships now being created to further its adoption. 


I created wireframes, wrote the copy, built the pages in WordPress and worked with designers to make on-brand imagery. This was then signed off by the project sponsor in Tokyo.


I worked with Sony’s in-house designers to create an explainer video for the API. I wrote the script and provided guidance as to what the video should show. After reviews, I signed it off.


The API was aimed at developers, so I created marketing that could be picked up by the right publications. There are also repositories and info on Github and Stackoverflow.

The Team

Our global team for this project consisted of:

1 x Product Manager/Project Manager/Web Designer (UK/me)

1 x Sponsor (Japan)

1 x Senior Developer (Sweden)

2 x Senior Developers (Japan)

1 x Technical Copywriter (US)

1 x Graphic Designer (Sweden)

1 x Video Team (Sweden)