Manage and market a Theme Creator tool – Sony

Sony wanted to differentiate itself in the mobile market to attract new customers, and a key objective was to focus on personalization.

To support the business objective, I worked with an in-house development team who had created a Theme Creator tool, allowing 3rd party designers to create mobile themes and monetize them on the app stores.

My role was to create web pages and copy, create videos and a marketing strategy and promote the use of the tool. Over 2 years we had more than 1000 themes uploaded to the app stores.


I created wireframes, copy and built the web pages in WordPress. I worked with designers to create on-brand imagery, as well as fact-checking technical content with the developers.


Together with a video creator we made a series of video guides to show how to get started and then to get into more detail with the Theme Creator tool. I co-wrote the scripts.


We initially created a press release for the Theme Creator tool that got picked up by quite a few authority sites, then I worked on campaigns and videos to attract designers.

The Team

The global team consisted of:

1 x Product Owners (Sweden)

1 x Project Manager/Marketing Lead/Web Developer (UK/me)

1 x Sponsor (Japan)

3 x Senior Developer (Sweden)

1 x UK/UI (Sweden)

1 x Technical Copywriter (UK/me)

1 x Videographer (Sweden)