Inherit a parenting app (maternity cover), focus on UX and aim for growth

At the end of 2020, I took on a contract to cover maternity as a Product Manager at EasyPeasy, a UK edu-tech startup. My onboarding was completely remote, and the challenge was to review the B2C product in its current state at the time, and the priorities in the backlog, then identify through conversations with designers, stakeholders, and users to see if I deemed us to be working on the right priorities based on capacity.

Through discussions we introduced a way to measure velocity, so we understood product team capacity better, undertook user reviews with the designers, and then went through a full design to development process review, which included the designers creating a list of their priorities mapped to JIRA tickets in the backlog.

As a team, we got more efficient, became clear on priorities and capacity, and were able to adapt as the business went through changes with furlough and strategic direction towards a B2B focus – selling in the app as part of employee benefit programs.

We also managed to open up the app to both the Australian and US markets, as well as developing further relationships with partners, and go for innovation funding in the UK.