Here’s a selection of projects that I’ve managed click to find out about the process, teams involved and the results.

Develop and launch IoT smart boat-Navico

In 2019 and 2020 I worked on the BoatConnect smart product for Navico, currently the world’s largest manufacturer of marine electronics. Initially my project was to manage the development and launch, I was then brought back in to help with product growth.

Create and release public home audio API -Sony

I managed this project with a team in Sweden and Tokyo in order to release Sony’s first public Audio Control API. The aim was to get developers to use the API, so that some of Sony’s home audio devices could be used with smart home hubs.

Manage and grow mobile theme tool – Sony

As an Editor of Sony’s Developer World site I managed this developer tool and its marketing. The aim was to help developers create themes to be monetized via Google Play and for Sony to differentiate themselves in the market.

Develop and grow B2B portal – Sony

My first project for Sony was to create a B2B poral to promote the use of Sony’s Xperia devices in business. This went on to have over a million unique visitors per month. B2B sales increased by over 2000% in the next two years.

Market early Android version to developers – Sony

I manged this project between Sony and Google whereby Google’s Android N was rolled out onto selected Sony devices in a developer preview. This was the first time any OEM had access to an early version of Android prior to it’s official release.

Launch Blockchain ICO and product – start up

Myself and colleagues from Sony, Huawei, Ernst & Young, Fidelity and Paramount Pictures worked on this project to set up an ICO in order to develop a Digital Rights Management tool with blockchain technology.