Develop and launch smart boat product – Navico

In 2018 I joined Navico to manage the launch of BoatConnect, the company’s first smart boat product. It was an entry level product priced at $99 with a monthly app subscription, for the US market only.

Users could download the Android or iOS app on their phone to see the location of their boat, receive local weather reports, set a security zone (geo-fence) around their boat and get important alerts if their boat drifted, took on water, hatches were opened or if temperature levels were unusual.

The project included the development and testing of hardware, mobile apps, and cloud – followed by cross-channel marketing. Within the first 6 months post-launch, the product was in 200+ stores across the US.



It was my role to co-ordinate the build of the site and add my input as to how initial designs could be improved. I then worked with analytics to spot trends and drive more traffic.


This is the product marketing video, which also sits on the product landing page. This should give you a good idea of how the product works. Click below to head over to YouTube.


I worked on the product growth, creating a message house, social calendars, and a digital campaign as well as working with the in-house expert on a paid campaign.

The Team

The global team consisted of:

1 x Project Manager/Growth Manager(UK/me)

2 x Product Owners (1 hardware, 1 software) (UK),

3 x Front-End App Developers (UK)

1 x QA Lead Front-End (UK)

1 Tech Services Lead (UK)

1 Cloud Architect (UK)

2 x Cloud Back-End Developers (Russia/UK)

1 x UX/UI Designer (UK)

1 x Brand Marketing Lead (UK)

1 x Brand Marketing Lead (US)

1 x E-Commerce Lead (UK)

1 x Retail Partner Manager

1 x Customer Service Director (Netherlands)

1 x Customer Service Head (US)

1 x Technical Performance Manager (Norway)

15 x Product Testers (New Zealand/UK/US/Norway/Sweden)

New Product Engineer (Mexico)

Delivery Manager Hardware (Mexico)