I was an Editor of Sony’s Developer World website, I also designed other web pages to support Sony products. That included a B2B site on sonymobile.com that no longer exists, but at its peak had 1 million+ unique visitors per month.

Here are some examples of my work

Sony Developer World

For 5 years I was an Editor of Sony’s Developer World, a global site that promoted tools to developers in order to enhance Sony products and increase the adoption of new tech. It had a big focus on open source development, especially with Sony’s Android devices.

Audio Control API – Sony

I designed and built these pages as part of a 6 month project that I led, to release this public API, a first for Sony. Ultimately it was to enable Sony home audio devices to be integrated into the smart home.

My personal website

Of course I built this website that you are on right now, to showcase my previous work and to promote my services as a Digital Consultant, Digital Marketing expert, Copywriter and Editor, as well as someone who can build websites.